www.costacalidaholidaylettings.co.uk has been developed by an enthusiastic and knowledgable team of people aiming to provide innovative and cost-effective means for fulfilling the demands of Accommodation / Lodging Industry of La Manga & The Costa Calida.  A gap was found in this area as we struggled to find a site which focussed on the particular needs of La Manga & The Costa Calida guests, providing proper information such as proximity to the beach and amenities, existance of swimming pool, number of bedrooms and persons dwellings can sleep, rates of dwellings etc. 

Our ethos at www.costacalidaholidaylettings.co.uk is to simply offer novice and frequent guests of La Manga & The Costa Calida a one-stop website to find the right accommodation to fit their needs. A foolproof search facility with direct access to owners and managers of the properties means you can find exactly what you need.  Owners simply list their properties with us and wait to hear from guests.

The website, has been structured using the FRBO (For Rent By Owner) concept which really gives the power of control to the owners of the properties. On the other hand, it remains flexible by providing the option to owners that feel like they cannot FRBO to list their properties by allowing us, the Costa Calida Holiday Lettimgs Team, to undertake the effort on their behalf based on a commission basis listing instead of a flat fee or for free.

The main purpose is to enhance the particular sector and make people's life easier whether they are property owners or holiday makers! The desired result is to enhance the local economy of La Manga & The Costa Calida through better management, listing and cost-effective ways of the so called 'accommodation sector'.  We highly believe that this is one of the best ways to boost up La Manga & The Costa Calida and lead it to a better tomorrow.

By taking the advantage of the power of internet and similar means, the purpose is  to change the way people and business deal in this industry by introducing new, advanced, efficient, user-friendly and 24/7 online solutions.

At www.costacalidaholidaylettiings.co.uk, we intend to develop a comprehensive 24/7 online listings database and other handy-tools, aiming to offer a deep array of communication and commerce for every person involved in the Vacations industry of La Manga & The Costa Calida.

Being a property owner or a visitor / tourist of La Manga & The Costa Calida, the satisfaction and ease experienced at www.costacalidaholidaylettings.co.uk should be the same at all stages.

For anything you might need, please do not hesitate to contact us on our emails and telephone numbers.