A list of Restaurants and Bars in La Manga with Free WIFI internet

A selection of La Manga restaurants and cafés offering free wireless Internet. Our recommendations are maked with   ( * free WIFI ) , Everyone searches for a spot offering Wi-fi (also known as Wifi or wireless Internet) at some point or another, whether it’s so that they can quickly check emails, get their daily social media fix or just get some serious work in within a comfy environment

Cabo de Palos fishing port area

La Tana,968563003, www.la-tana.com , traditional fish and rice (caldero regional dish). Reservation recommended 
La Manga Del Mar Menor With Free Internet/ Broadband/WiFi near La Manga Strip and Mar Menor Spain, Costa Calida, Murcia, Spain
MIrimar, 968563033,fish and rice (caldero regional dish)

El Pez Rojo,968563109, fish and rice (caldero regional dish)  
El Navegante, 968563312, fish and rice 
El Mosqui, 968564563, fish and rice 
La Sartenica, 968146001, Regional food and tapas 
Katy, 968563931, fish and rice, (caldero regional dish) 
Freiduría El Faro, 968564960 - 968145079, 
Fried fish La Barra, 968 563 542, 699 413 143, mediterranean 
El Rancho, 968140987, Argentinian steaks Between Cabo de Palos and La Manga ,  ( * free WIFI )
Restaurante Yaho La Manga ( Asian/Thai Restaurant ) Phone, +34 968 56 30 35 · Address. Carretera la manga 26; 30370 Cabo De Palos, Murcia, Spain ,  ( * free WIFI )
La Picoteca - Plaza Virgen del Mar, subida al faro
Pizzeria La Fontana - Era de la Manga, s/n

Las Dunas, Las Amoladeras and Mercadona area

El Rape, 968146314, fish and rice 
La Bodega, 968145485 
Rosario Perdiguera 2, 968563037, 968563193 spanish food
Festivo, 968563214, Chinese restaurant

Between Km0 and Km1 of Gran Via de la Manga `El Vivero area

El Parador, 968563873, refurbished fisherman´s house with views on the Mar Menor beach, luxury cuisine 
Zm.101, 968145181 / 968337284, Front line Mar Menor 
LOS TRIOLAS, 968563972, National and regional food
GRAN MURALLA, 968 563 724, Chinese 
Cafeteria el Arbol, menu del dia recomendado

Between Km1 and Km2 of Gran Via de la Manga `Canal la Gola Marchamalo & Las Sirenas area

Alborada, 968 563 078, mediterranean 
Isla Cristina, traditional cuisine 
El Mesonico, 968563662, menu del dia recomendado
La Despensa, 968563874, take away food 
El Pollo Dorado, 968563388, Roast chicken 
Borsalino, 968563130, French and mediterranean cuisine, , luxury cuisine 
Tasca El Tío Andrés, 968145248, regional cusine Cafetería 
Bowling Sirenas, 968145557, Light food 
Bolera, 968146230, fast food 
Michel, 968 563 002, mediterranean and international
Paddy Wack's Irish Pub - Urb Babilonia Gran Via La Manga

Between Km2 and Km3 of Gran Via de la Manga `Plaza Cavanna area´

Mesón Los Caballos, 968563454, mediterranean food 
Freiduría El Jardín, 968146225, mediterranean food, big quantities.
Fiesta, 968563974. 
Cafe Bar El Sol, 968563899 English and International menu for breakfast, lunch or evening 
Nino's, 968564795, mediterranean and tapas 
Café Bar Jessica 
Taperia de Cavanna, bar de tapas

Between Km3 and Km4 Gran Via de la Manga `Plaza Bohemia area

Cafetería Istambul, 968143929, fast food good steaks
Heladería Sirvent, ice cream 
Pizerria Mamma Bohemia,968143200, Italian 
Mortadelo, 968141125, fast food 
Rembrant, 968143546, Pizzas, pastas. Very popular, busy and inexpensive . 
El Loro Verde, 968140293
San Remo, 968140813, International cuisine 
Club Náutico Dos Mares, 968337005, fish, rice and regional cusine, nice location by the small port 
St. Gregory's, 968140148, Argentinian steaks and barbecues
Budapest, 679163857, International
Restaurante Mexicano - Urb Jaloque, Plaza Bohemia

Between Km4 and Km5 Gran Via de la Manga `Galerias el Flamenco and Zoco Alcazaba´ commercial centres

O´CAPRICIO,619036562,Galician food. Good tapas, steaks and fish dishes. Very good quality at reasonable prices. 
MARCO POLO,681006806,French and international cuisine 
NAPUL´É, 634797541,italian restaurant. Excelent pizza and pasta 
LA TEJA, 635337677, Tipical spanish dishes and tasty daily menu for little money
HANS, 662458336,German kitchen and grilled meats. Open till late
RONDELLA, 650335745, Design tapas, weekly change of menu, ellegant setting
AMOR AL ARTE, 683250095, Creperie and sweet shop                              
SIESTA,  622810006, polish restaurant, 
Venta David, 968140514, regional and national dishes 
Texas Grill, 968140987 
Rincón de Ginés, 656273413, 
Fast food Pizzeria Beipaco, 968140542, meat and pasta 
Caribia - Centro Comercial El Zoco Alcazaba Local, B4
Pizzeria Al Dente - Centro Comercial Zoco-Alcazaba Local A-6 y A-7

Between km5 and km6 of Gran Via de la Manga `Castillos del Mar area 

Atlanta, 968140614, mediterranean and international 
El Fogón de Alberto, 968140018 / 649 668 803, fish and rice Il 
Conte Ma, 968140010, Italian cuisine 
Soul Kitchen, at Castillo de Mar
Daddy's Hobby, 968143144, International 
Gran Meson Domenech 
Cafetería Puerto Rico, 968140055, fish and tapas 
Cafetería Heladería Mediterraneo, 968141650 
Estrella de Mar, fish, only open in Summer
Heladeria Cafeteria Akimismo - Urb Villa del Mar - Bloque 4 local 2
Pizzeria de Sebas - Urb Castillo de Mar Gan Via Km5
Restaurante Castillo de Proa - Gran Via la Manga, Urb Castillo de Mar, local 1
Restaurant Mar & Mar - Gran via La Manga s/n Junio Puente del estacio

Between Km6 and Km8 of Gran Via de la Manga `El Galan & La Piramide area

Tasca El Galan, 968143210, mediterranean 
EL BARON, 617510577, mediterranean, fish and rices 
El Molino, 968142174, mediterranean home made 
Trastevere, 968141803, Italian cuisine 
Café Bar Siglo 21, 968141711 
Bar 4 H, Regional tapas 
Las vegas, 968141550, fast food 

Between Km8 and Km12 of Gran Via de la Manga `El Pedruchillo area

Area Beach club, 968 143 200 
El Area, 968141831 
El Buffet, 968141097 
Kuny, 968143748, regional cusine 
Icue, 968140688 
Cafetería Las Palmas, 96841096 
El Fogon de Juan Manuel, 968143071, regional food 
Philadelphia, 678016223, 
Restaurante Area Sunset - Pedruchillo L1, Km 8.5

Between Km12 and Km14 of Gran Via de la Manga `Darsena cero and Port Tomas Maestre

Paquebote, 68143922,  [email protected] www.paquebote.co , mediterranean food  ( * free WIFI )
Burger King ,  Grimanga Building ,  Tomás Maestre Sugar & Spice
La Taberna del Greco, 968142332 
Pizzeria Di Mare, 968140200, italian and international
Cafeteria del Puerto ( Cafeteria ( * free WIFI ) 
Vikingo, Darsena Cero Shopping Center 15 , La Manga del Mar Menor ,   ( * free WIFI )
Pedro's, 968143015, mediterranean 
Rembrant, 968143546, Pizzas, pastas. Very popular, busy and inexpensive.
Chihuahua, 968140403, Mexican cuisine    
La Bellota, 968140612, mediterranean 
Pizzeria Milan, 968142391, italian pizzas and pasta 
Sugar & Spice, 968143297, crepes, french and international cuisine   ( * free WIFI )
El Puerto, 968142741, fish, salads 
Mario´s, 968142828, Asian 
Bombay Palace Restaurant & Bar ( Indian Restaurant )  Great food,great  service and a lovely place.Tomás Maestre Mairina (  Also  bombay palace la manga take away ) ( * free WIFI )
Mesón Casa Paco, 968143829  ( * free WIFI )
Bar Falua - Pto. Tomas Maestre Local 10  ( * free WIFI )
Bar Mar de Copas - Puerto Tomas Maestre, Local 25
Freiduria Pizzeria Mar Manor - Puerto Tomas Maestre modulo 9
Apartments Los Miradores del Puerto Free Wifi Rental Properties

Between Km15 and Km18 of Gran Via de La Manga `Veneziola & Las Gondolas area

Playa Chica, 616700241, fish, tapas and regional food by the beach 
Pieter Van Driel, 968437059,national and international cuisine, nice views from the terrace
Mesón Murciano, 968143414, regional and international  ( * free WIFI )
El Ancla, 630392939, spanish and international cuisine 
The Old Tavern ( Irish pub ),  La Manga del Mar Menor, Urb. Las Gondolas, edif. Florencia Gran via km. 17,  ( * free WIFI )
Collados Beach Restaurant Lounge Club 968147350 Located in The Veneciola at the end of La Manga del Mar Menor. It is 4,600 m2 of unique land between the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor. It is a private area offering an idyllic and protected atmosphere by the sea where you can swim, scubadive or sail whilst enjoying a variety of leisure activities, lounge bar, restaurant, even a sun terrace, jacuzzi and swimming pool enjoy fine food or light dining as this is one of the most attractive features of the beach club. The Lounge bar offers a simple variety of light bites, juices and cocktails and the restaurant offers a wide menu including delicious fish and shellfish plus fine Spanish wines

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3 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 6 - Holiday Apartment in La Manga Strip, Costa Calida, Murcia
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