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You feel like you should be listing on a commission rate basis instead of free ?

No worries! This is the other way round it can be done! We can undertake to list and manage the bookings of your property for an agreed rate of commission on a percentage basis  ( 20% ). In this option, all listing actions will be taken by us.

Listing actions are defined as the actions taken by our personnel for securing a good and successful listing on our website and includes key-holding, capture of pictures, video capture, development of any classifieds, pin up of flyers and for rent signs, management of bookings requests, phone calls, teleconferences, bank account transfers, payments receivable and payable, notices to owners / caretakers etc.

Also, the booking calendar (availability) of your property will be fully managed by us; you can still reserve your own bookings but has to be done through us (passing on the dates). At the same time the property will be considered as being fully available from the listing date onwards and any ‘not-available periods’ must be defined by you. Any bookings made can be circulated to you upon request by you for better management of the property or whenever we consider appropriate without your notice.

Listing period will be on an agreed basis (most preferred is a full calendar year) commencing on the date the listing agreement is signed or any other date agreed.

A booking request becomes valid when the Deposit for it is received and confirmed. Due to the fact that the Deposit amount is not refundable to clients, your are highly reccommended to firstly check our Terms of Use & Listing for further details.

You can still register with the website for FREE as it's easy to be made and only takes a couple of minutes. Simply fill in the details requested below, tick the appropriate boxes, enter the Captcha Code and then click on the 'Register' button further below. If you wish to list any properties on your own for FREE with you must however choose the respective listing package from your control panel whilst logged in.

You feel like you should be listing on a Free basis instead of Commission Based ? You should then read further details under the section Advertise >> Free Property Listing


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